Petites Singularités

Non-profit Association
Awakening territories to life.
P.S.: specializes in Discourse hosting and provides other services, e.g., ActivityPub federated services to members and friends. We use Gandi for domains and Hetzner for hosting.
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Pixie Town

Informal collective
Free services for all
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Informal collective
Towards a free future.

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Stin Priza

Collective for technology
libre hosting services, domain registrations, pc repairs, pc & peripherals reuse/recycle
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Informal collective
Services for the Belgian Hackerspaces
Services for the Belgian Hackerspaces
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Foss Daily

Informal collective
A website dedicated to using foss software daily
Foss Daily hosts a few FOSS/Libre services that are free to use.


a group of hackers (re-)decentralizing the net. doing our part
We believe that building, owning and controlling technology is important. Hackers and Open Source communities have an opportunity and a responsibility to offer an alternative, to offer services and tools that people can trust. Beyond corporate control, that comes with tracking and data farming. Decentralized services and tools that respect users privacy by default.
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Multi-stakeholder Internet services co-operative
Sustainable, co-operative hosting you can depend on
Webarchitects Co-operatve provides hosting, devops and sysadmin services and has the aim 'To enable the provision of internet based services for socially responsible groups and individuals, using free open source software wherever possible, in a manner that aims to minimise fossil fuel usage and ecological impacts and which also provides sustainable employment'.


Informal collective
Your life, Your data
Ethical service provider relying on FLOSS
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Community Communication Coordination Provision exists because we feel it is vital for communities of resistance to be able to provide for their own communication needs. We must not be forced to rely on insecure, profit driven means of communication which bombard us with mind-numbing advertising.
activist communication services
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Informal collective
Online services based on freedom, privacy and decentralization
libre service provider
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Informal collective
Freedom served with a slice of liberty
My goal is to make the internet a safer and more private place by running libre software services and making them publicly available to anyone completely free of charge.

Dark Peak Data Co-operative

Co-operative Company
Dark Peak is a user-run co-operative providing hosted open-source software for the benefit of our members.


Association Internet Finistère
Hébergeur associatif brestois de sites et services web, militant pour un Internet libre, solidaire et non marchand.
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Non-profit Foundation
No tracking, no ads, no profiling, no data mining
Disroot is a platform providing online services based on principles of freedom, privacy, federation and decentralization.
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Non-profit Foundation
wehost together
libre service provider
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Informal collective
Free services, Free software
Linux.Pizza is a collection of tools and services that focuses on privacy for the individual and organizations.
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Informal collective to become an association
Hosting for freedom.
We manage your Nextcloud, private email and domain, all in one place!
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Hostsharing eG

Co-operative Company
The only co-operative hosting provider in Germany
The Hostsharing Cooperative was founded in 2000 to foster digital freedom, digital sustainability and digital excellence. We support our members with high availability, secure systems, data protection and professional service level agreements maintaining a managed operations platform with storage replication, fail-over and remote backup.
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